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Dynamic website

Dynamic means that the data or content can change 'dynamically'.
The content (text and images) is usually fed from a database or Content Management System (CMS) so when the data is updated, the content on the website are also updated. This method opens up a lot of options on the flexibility and functionality of your website.

Usually a dynamic website comes with an admin panel that can be accessed via any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. From the admin panel web master of the website (in most of the cases owner of the website) can add, edit, and delete contents that will immediately reflect on the relevant web pages.

Dynamic Website - Responsive - Mobile Versioned Digital Highway

Digital Highway has 100s of readymade modules that enables any business houses, educational institutions, trusts and individuals to dynamically manage their website pages via any web browser. All our modules can be further customized and we do new modules development too as per the customer’s needs.

Basically any dynamic website designing and developing has following steps that are 1) Domain Name Registration, 2) Web Hosting, 3) Designing the web pages 4) Defining Dynamic Contents or pages 5) Defining Dynamic Features such as SMS Alerts, OTP Authentication and Files Uploading lastly 6) Uploading and creating the designed and developed web pages and database to the web server respectively.

  • Check - Domain Name Availability

    Before registering a domain name we have to check whether the domain name we opt for is available for registration. This process is known as ‘Domain Name Availability Check’. Please click the link below and check the domain name availability.
    Domain Name Availability Check

  • Register Your Domain

    Registering a domain name is fast and simple. Keep your debit card / credit card / net banking details ready with you and start registration. Once domain name is settled, we have to register the domain name. How to register your Domain Name?

  • Choose A Template

    Choose A template and note the id of the template

  • Configure Your Website

    Website Configuration: Very simple 3 step process, it will not take more than few minutes.

    • Open an User Account with Digital Highway - 1 Minute
    • Upload your domain name details - 30 Seconds
    • Start and Finish Configuring Website - 2 Minutes

  • Dynamic Modules

    • Select Modules - 3 Minute
    • Customize Module - 3 Minutes
    • Tell Us What You Want New Modules?

  • Pricing Details

    • Price Includes 1.) Doamin Name Registration 2.) Web Hosting 3.) Template Cost 4.) Content Uploading
    • Validity - Default validity is one year only
    • Website's Content (Text and Image) shall be provided by the owner as digital documents
    • Website shall be renewed annually at least one day before the due date
    • Dynamic Modules Cost Shall Be Added Extra
    • Existing Module Customization - FREE
    • New Modules - Cost Will Be Quoted After We Receive The Details