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Sell our web products and services

List of Products

  • Website Designing
  • Customized Content Management Dynamic Websites
  • EcShop - Online Ecommerce Stores
  • EcFinance – Web Application
  • EcPublish – Web Application
  • EcMatrimony – Web Application

Products' Details

Domain Name Registration

Prior to host a website on a web server, one need to register the website name (domain name). Digital Highway always provides 'Domain Name Registration' as a paid value added service with web designing.

Web Hosting

Digital Highway normally as its business policy does not host its web sites and applications on others' web hosting. All products of Digital Highway's are hosted on Digital Highway's web server only. Web hosting also a paid value added service provided along with all kinds of websites and web applications.

Web Designing

Web Designing is the core product and it includes domain name registration and web hosting apart from designing the web pages and populating the pages with proper contents given or suggested or specified by the end user. Web pages' contents may be either in text or image or audio/video format.

Pricing - End User

  • Max 7 Pages Webite - Rs.7,000 (First year - Including Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting for one year)
  • Above 7 pages upto 20 pages - Rs.7,000 + Rs.600 per extra page
  • Above 21 pages upto any number of pages - Rs.14,800 + Rs.450 per extra page
  • For Renewal - Rs.2,500 per year


  • Domain name registration - One Year
  • Web hosting - One year
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 Business Email - 5 GB Inbox

Dynamic Websites

Where the contents of a single or multiple web pages of a website is/are to be changed now and then without hardcoding and from the browser window itself. So contents can be managed/updated by anyone and he/she need not to be a web designer or web developer. So the need and the feature are the factors change a static website into a dynamic website.

So if a website have such a need and feature it is called as dynamic website. Digital Highway develops such websites for the end users with user friendly controls to manage and update contents.

Customized Content Management

What we mean by 'Customized Content Management' is, end users' need of content management varies from one to another, so Digita Highway develops and embed content management features as per the requirement of the user. So all the pages' contents are need not to be managed from the browser window and it minimizes the cost of the dynamic site.

Pricing - End User

  • Price starts from Rs.11,000
  • For Rs.11,000, apart form domain name registration, web hosting and web designing of 7 pages, most of the contents of all the pages are made manageable from browser window.
  • Above 7 pages upto 20 pages - Rs.11,000 + Rs.950 per extra page
  • Above 20 pages upto any no of pages - Rs.23,350 + Rs.650 per extra page
  • For Renewal - Rs.3,500 to Rs.10,000 per year


  • Domain name registration - One Year
  • Web hosting - One year
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Browser End Control Panel - To Edit Contents
  • 1 Business Email - 5 GB Inbox

EcShop - Online Ecommerce Stores

With EcShop web application one can run anykind of online store (Ecommerce Store). Garment / Home Appliance / Electricals and Electronics / Furniture / Mobile / provisional Items / Vegetables and Fruits are few of the store categories which can be run with our EcShop web application.

  • We pre-populate products
  • We train to manage the software
  • We embed payment gateway and SMS gateway
  • we provide marketing and customer support tools too (Optional)

EcFinance - For Finance Companies & Chit Funds

Exclusively developed for finance companies and chit funds. Any kind of finance plan can be easily added.User friendly controls to add borrowers, subscribers, finance plans, chit groups and to manage collections, auctions. Reports can be generated for any given period.

  • We do customization (optional)
  • We populate initial details (data)
  • We train persons to manage the software
  • We embed payment gateway and SMS gateway
  • Profit and Loss account between any given dates
  • we provide marketing and customer support tools too (Optional)

EcPublish - For Book Publishing Companies

  • We provide front-end store to sell books online(optional)
  • Adding / editing dealers, banks, suppliers, salaries and all overheads are included
  • issuing credit notes/debit notes and discounts are too included
  • We train persons to manage the software
  • We embed payment gateway and SMS gateway
  • Profit and Loss account between any given dates
  • we provide marketing and customer support tools too (Optional)
  • Admin panel for every dealers/suppliers (optional)

EcMatrimony - Multi Language

  • In any Indian language
  • Add/edit/delet matrimony profile
  • Validating mobile nos with OTP
  • Admin panel for every registered members
  • Regular Auto SMS alerts to registered members
  • We train persons to manage the software
  • We embed payment gateway and SMS gateway

List Of Services and their details

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. The key to getting more traffic lies in integrating content with search engine optimization and social media marketing.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience.

Digital Highway provides SEO as a service and the price for SEO starts from Rs.30,000. The parameters which govern pricing are 'Keyword Intensity' and 'Content Strength' related to keywords.

Online FM (Internet radio)

Internet radio (also web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio, online radio, webcasting) is an audio service transmitted via the Internet. Internet radio services offer news, sports, talk, and various genres of music—every format that is available on traditional broadcast radio stations.

Digital Highway trains to manage online radio/FM. And further more trains persons to run commercially successful online radio too.

Price starts from Rs. 15,000 per year

Live Streaming & Video On Demand

  • Live Streaming - Online TV
  • One can start his/her online TV channel within few hrs.
  • Digital Highway provides everything - software, setting TV station and training to manage it.
  • Digital Highway trains on commercial aspects of online TV and Video On Demand.
  • Price starts from Rs. 35,000 per year

Online Marketing

It includes email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), and mobile advertising.

Digital Highway does online marketing for everyone who has a product or service or an expertise to sell online. Digital Highway provides budget and result oriented online marketing service for everyone. And the price for online marketing starts from Rs.18,000 per year.